For a Reason

Wet Fish works exclusively with suppliers who source fish using correct and responsible methods. We have relationships of over twelve years with the majority of our suppliers with some links as far back as twenty. They, like us, believe in providing fish that will ensure catches will continue for the future and that stocks are maintained. Many of our partners are Marine Stewardship Council approved, a body that works with partners to encourage sustainable fishing practices.

All of the above are in the most danger from persistent over-fishing. Wet fish buys farmed fish (Salmon, Sea Bass, Sea Bream etc) with only the highest welfare and environmental standards and all free from pork protein within the feed.

As stated, we advise all chefs to use only seafood that is in season and resist exploiting species that are spawning so that the breeding cycles are allowed to run and fish may flourish.

Spawn cycle by month

Here in the UAE we are aware of the implementation of the new federal law regarding catch sizes of fish and three years ago, we made a conscious decision to no longer supply Hammour due to the deterioration of the stock locally. We are encouraged that many hotels have taken the same admirable decision.

Wet fish supply boxes are made from recyclable materials.