The onus is on the supplier nowadays to do much of the basic fish preparation work . This saves valuable kitchen preparation time , eliminates unnecessary waste and gives a more consistent end product for the client. The processes are listed below:

  1. Descaling

    Our Process

    The removal of all scales which are inedible on the surface of the fish.

  2. Cleaning

    Our Process

    This involves the evisceration of the fish and the removal of stomach and gills.

  3. Filleting

    Our Process

    This is the action of removing the fillets from the bones using a knife. The end result should always be a clean piece of fish almost ready to go...

  4. Pin Boning

    Our Process

    Fish posess several small bones within the flesh which should be removed after filleting. They are generally small and are referred to as "pins" hence the word pin bone. Bones are a necessary evil of course but it's our responsibility to remove them during the process flow.

  5. Portioning

    Our Process

    Generally speaking fish will be scaled, filleted and pin boned in our normal production cycle, but some clients welcome a finished cut portion of fish to a weight tolerance e.g. a 200 gram salmon portion. Although this work is generally carried out by the kitchen staff, we can and do provide this service for large banquet orders where kitchen space may be compromised etc.

Wet Fish remains the family business that started sixteen years ago. These days we have been joined by our daughter Aimee and son-in-law Kevin who assist in the day to day operation. We have a dedicated staff team who represent the brand with the highest of standards.

Our clientele are some of the most highly regarded properties and restaurants not just in the region, but in the world. We have established a top class and highly efficient processing facility in the DIP area of Dubai where our fish is stored and processed in safe and hygienic HACCP accredited standards.



A few tips to look out for when buying fish:

  • Fresh whole fish should be firm to the touch and smell fresh. The eyes should be bright and shiny and the gills should be red.
  • Molluscs should be closed or close when you gently tap them. No cracked or broken shells.
  • Smoked fish should be glossy with no discolouration.