For a Reason

Our seasonality chart gives you an insight into when certain popular fish species are at their best. There's a list of 30 of the most widely used (and frankly some of the best fish you can find in the world) in there. The seasonality of fish should always be respected. They mostly breed anytime between December and May when they "spawn" i.e. lay eggs. During this period, the quality and yield of the fish will be greatly reduced even though they are being caught all year round. The tip is to respect the periods when they're not at their best and move to a different species whose breeding cycles do not overlap. Not all fish breed at the same time so there will be opportunities to try other kinds when this is the case.

Our aim is to always be able to recommend fish at its seasonal best and to assist chefs to construct menus with this principle in mind. Dover Soles from October to February, Wild line caught Bass from April to June, Sea Trout and Wild Salmon June to September and fresh Mussels in months with the letter "r" in.... These are some of the rules of the sea that will ensure the best is being used at the most opportune time.