A new month begins...

It seems that everywhere is busy and enjoying some well earned trade after what can only be described as a quiet Summer. From a fresh fish perspective the pick up couldn't have come at a better time !! Now we are all beginning to see fish at its Winter best with good landings of prime seafood around Southern UK, North West France and the Dutch coastline...and with competitive prices!  Flat fish are excellent - Dover Soles at near peak , Lemon Soles running again and nice Plaice appearing. Larger fish such as Brill and Turbot are in good supply albeit pricey but even the traditional mega expensive 4kg + Turbot is within sensible price ranges. There's also nice Wild line caught Sea Bass to enjoy. Although these magnificent fish are now quota driven, there's still good supply and the prices will improve in the run up to Christmas. 

Further north our partners in Norway and the Faroes Islands report excellent cod catches and improving haddock landings - one of our biggest movers for fish and chips !! Icelandic fish will soon join the party and you will see some excellent ground fish, cod, haddock, plaice and monk.

Moving South to the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas we will soon start our new next day catch of species landed from those shores. Some really beautiful fish from Amberjack and Wild Sea Bream to smaller species like fresh sardines and anchovies. Bought at dawn on the Athens market, packed and shipped the same afternoon to Dubai and in your kitchens the very next day. A truly unrivalled service and one which we hope our customers will get behind and benefit from. 

Will keep you posted !!